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Welcome To GreenBox Loans, Inc...your premier Non-QM Lender !


Greenbox was founded based on the concept of ‘out of the box’ underwriting of residential loans. Many originators & brokers come across borrowers that are fine credit risks but don’t fit many company’s guidelines. We provide real lending solutions for our broker partners with an exception minded mentality.

Greenbox is offering several unique programs that provide solutions for any Non-QM/Non-Prime Borrower including:  

4 Bank Statement programs:

  1. 5000-12BS Plus – 12 months bank statement program
  2. 5000-24BS Plus – 24 months bank statement program for A+ borrowers
  3. 5000-24BS – 24 months bank statement program for A borrowers
  4. 5000-24BS – 24 months bank statement program for non prime borrowers

3 Investor based programs:

  1. 5000-INV – No income, no employment, no assets (only required on purchase transactions for down payment and closing)  
  2. 5000-INV-FN - same as the 5000-INV program but specifically tailored for Foreign National Borrowers
  3. 5000-INV-DTI – No Income, no employment, assets for reserves or down payment – qualify loan based on rental income/rental survey

3 Non Prime Full Doc programs:

  1. 5000-NP Plus – meant for the A borrower – Jumbo A fall out program
  2. 5000-NP – regular Non prime program with 2 years housing event
  3. 5000-RH – Recent housing allowed – 1 day out of foreclosure

1 Full Doc Foreign National program (different than the 5000-INV-FN)

  1. 5000-FN – full doc loan – qualify borrower based on income from country of origin (converted to US dollars)